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Evaluation of Proprietary Funds

The Challenge:  A wealth management firm offered a mix of internally and externally managed investment funds for high net worth clients.  The firm recognized that clients demanded competitive proprietary fund offerings in an open architecture platform in order to be credible.

The Solution:  We were engaged to provide an independent evaluation of the firm's proprietary fund offerings across of variety of asset classes and strategies.  Evaluations included on-site visits and reviews of the team, strategy, investment and risk management processes and resources, in addition to, absolute and relative performance versus appropriate benchmarks and peer groups. Quarterly updates were provided with portfolio analysis and attribution commentary.

The Result:  Our findings were fully documented in independent research reports with associated ratings.  Findings were presented to senior management of the wealth management firm with rationale for ratings.  The wealth management firm was given a choice of report styles to provide to their financial advisors for use with their clients, thus allowing them to practically compare proprietary and non-proprietary product.

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